RAW video on the 6D

Thanks to the Magic Lantern team, it is now (BETA!) possible to get RAW video on the EOS 6D, i have tried it and its amazing.

Why is Raw video better?

Any video you take with almost any camera is compressed, on my 6D for example they do Chroma subsampling(throwing away color information) 4:2:0 I think and other compression techniques ( i wont go into them) This is very bad if you want to color correct your footage, just like how it is with pictures, a very bad Jpeg Compressed file vs RAW, with raw video you can get EVERY single frame as a RAW file. You do not have to worry about white balancing anymore, you can just set the white balance in Post and the general sharpness and color richness is very good, especially because it gives you all 14 bit of latitude ( 16384 Different values for each color) compare this to the 8bit H264 Codec(256 Values...).

Also by getting around the bad debayering and line skipping of Canon implemented H264 Codec, you have less Moire and less aliasing.


With this great quality video, the file sizes are huge, very very huge. and the SD card controller in the 6D just cannot keep up, so full HD is not going to be possible, neither is Sound recording. Also you have to convert the "raw" file into single DNGs and than convert it to prores or import thousands of DNGs into Premiere or davinci, The 5D mk3 fixes almost all of those drawbacks by using CF instead of SD cards. Sometimes I wish I would have bought a Mk3 instead of my 6D but the Mk3 does not have interchangeable Viewfinder screens to improve manuall focussing.. I guess you can not have everything..  ( a Canon 3D full frame, Articulating screen , Dual CF would be on my wish list....) 

Just a small test with a early early alpha version.