Sometimes I get a little bit nostalgic, and I take my Analog cameras out for a spin, and I always happen to buy new Analog gear...

This time I bought 2 Cameras and one of them has chaned the way I do Photography.

The first one was a "hasselbladski" a Kiev 88 , I got the Hartblei enhanced version, its awesome, Medium format is just SO HUGE! And its just lovely to use albeit very expensive.

Then I bought a Leica -  This changed everything..

I bought an R8, simply because the M series is WAY too expensive and I am not sure if I like Rangefinder photography that much, and I can use Leica-R Lenses on my EOS 6D. 

There is simply no comparison, The Leica is just such a beautiful piece of equipment, there is noting more to say about it other than its amazing. I now carry my Analog Leica, more than any other camera, and I am using the Leica Summicron-R 50 2.0 more than any other lens, its just so beautiful, the Bokeh looks amazing, the sharpness is incredible 

Costa del Kiel
Into the Blue

All of those pictures where taken with the Leica Summicron-R 50mm 2.0 some analog, some Digital (EOS 6D w/ EG-S focussing screen)