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The Lightmonster

Today, I tried the Canon EF 50mm 1.2...

The Bokeh is so creamy... it easily beats my Lecia Summicron-R .

I am still not sure If I should buy it or wait for a new Sigma 50 1.4 ART, The 35 is pretty amazing already and I was very impressed by the Sigma 50, So this is going to be a though one...

I also bought a new Tokina 17-35mm f/4 Hands down, the best wide lens I have ever used, way sharper than the Canon 16-35 2.8 II , with way less Distortions. I can only recommend it!

RAW video on the 6D

Thanks to the Magic Lantern team, it is now (BETA!) possible to get RAW video on the EOS 6D, i have tried it and its amazing.

Why is Raw video better?

Any video you take with almost any camera is compressed, on my 6D for example they do Chroma subsampling(throwing away color information) 4:2:0 I think and other compression techniques ( i wont go into them) This is very bad if you want to color correct your footage, just like how it is with pictures, a very bad Jpeg Compressed file vs RAW, with raw video you can get EVERY single frame as a RAW file. You do not have to worry about white balancing anymore, you can just set the white balance in Post and the general sharpness and color richness is very good, especially because it gives you all 14 bit of latitude ( 16384 Different values for each color) compare this to the 8bit H264 Codec(256 Values...).

Also by getting around the bad debayering and line skipping of Canon implemented H264 Codec, you have less Moire and less aliasing.


With this great quality video, the file sizes are huge, very very huge. and the SD card controller in the 6D just cannot keep up, so full HD is not going to be possible, neither is Sound recording. Also you have to convert the "raw" file into single DNGs and than convert it to prores or import thousands of DNGs into Premiere or davinci, The 5D mk3 fixes almost all of those drawbacks by using CF instead of SD cards. Sometimes I wish I would have bought a Mk3 instead of my 6D but the Mk3 does not have interchangeable Viewfinder screens to improve manuall focussing.. I guess you can not have everything..  ( a Canon 3D full frame, Articulating screen , Dual CF would be on my wish list....) 

Just a small test with a early early alpha version. 


Sometimes I get a little bit nostalgic, and I take my Analog cameras out for a spin, and I always happen to buy new Analog gear...

This time I bought 2 Cameras and one of them has chaned the way I do Photography.

The first one was a "hasselbladski" a Kiev 88 , I got the Hartblei enhanced version, its awesome, Medium format is just SO HUGE! And its just lovely to use albeit very expensive.

Then I bought a Leica -  This changed everything..

I bought an R8, simply because the M series is WAY too expensive and I am not sure if I like Rangefinder photography that much, and I can use Leica-R Lenses on my EOS 6D. 

There is simply no comparison, The Leica is just such a beautiful piece of equipment, there is noting more to say about it other than its amazing. I now carry my Analog Leica, more than any other camera, and I am using the Leica Summicron-R 50 2.0 more than any other lens, its just so beautiful, the Bokeh looks amazing, the sharpness is incredible 

Costa del Kiel
Into the Blue

All of those pictures where taken with the Leica Summicron-R 50mm 2.0 some analog, some Digital (EOS 6D w/ EG-S focussing screen)

Klabautermann Images

I am very proud to announce that I am now a part of Klaubautermann Images.

The first work I did for them was a small Music video for a Band called "Ocean Stereo"

I also did a little video for them at their latest Live Gig at Knust which i am now cutting, exited to see whats going to happen next

International garden show

This weekend I went to the IGS to shoot a commercial, and I was utterly disappointed.

It was just green and brown, no flowers, nothing really special and for anyone that was not fortunate enough to get a press pass, 21€... for something you can get for free at almost any park, except for overpriced "train" rides(7,50€) and some other stuff that mostly cost you a fortune especially when you go there as a family...

Furthermore it was all FULL of advertisments from "hella" and others, even the grave stones looked like a show room...

Anyway I still had the chance to take some pictures of my assistants


The Best Camera is the One That's with You

I do not know where this quote comes from, but I love it.

I hate walking by something interesting or beautiful and not being able to capture it. Thats why I bought an old 5D Mk1 it was very cheap because it has a broken screen, so you can not really see the picture you have taken, but it is still a very good camera, I just put my 50 1.2 (very old manual Lens made by Revuevon) on it and always carry it in my backpack I tried doing that with a Panasonic Gh1.. but it just wasnt the same

Altes landHamburg

Today after a Party, we decided to go to the "Altes Land" using the Ferry, I was so happy I had my old trusty 5D with me... 

Altes land

Need money for Weed

Today Steward Goldman aka the "Need Money for Weed Sign Guy" I took a picture of at Times Square, NYC, contacted me on Facebook, he found the picture on Google (I posted it on 500px) and apparently 500px said that the picture was for sale, which was probably a bug since I don´t use the 500px Store, so he was obviously pissed off, which is totally understandable.

Anyways, we talked a little and he is a really cool guy, If you walk around NYC make sure to give him a couple bucks, its worth it! 

Got Money for Weed?

Also check out his youtube Channel!  


This 1st of May. I went to our Campsite at the Baltic sea, in a little village called "Noer". It is paradise on earth and also time seems so stand still there...

Germany Germany in 1 Picture

So This is my Little brother Luis, pretty much the coolest kid ever.

LuisThe Cooles Kid in town

The weather was just perfect, a little bit cold a night but it still was a beautiful day 

Noer+54° 27' 57.95", +10° 0' 18.71"


Its summer now.

At least thats what I hope, you never really know in Hamburg, well lets just say it did not rain today. So we had the chance to go boating for the first time this year, and it was just the most amazing thing... until the boat broke down that is. Right before we went back home, the whole steering assembly broke....  


We still had a blast.   

Denmark & The Earwigs Path

Who would have thought that you can make it to the Danish border in less than 50 Minutes..... Well Christian Kreutzmann and I decided to find out how fast we can be in Denmark so we set the cruise control to 210 km/h... 1 Hour later we where in some small danish City , took 5-6 shots of the sun rising  and then went back home. Anyway the city had a nice little dock that looks pretty neat... 

And the Sky was just so ....  beautiful!

The Earwigs Path

Today after sleeping for 2 Hours I took pictures of The Earwigs Path as promotional shots for their upcoming festival Tour this summer.  I have only finished one pictures so far,  its so damn weird, she was actually hanging on a rail which shopped out and then turned the picture by Pi


Today was the first warm and sunny day in Hamburg, so we went out do something we had been planning for a long time. My friend Tim Borstel who is a very talented artist has a project called "Fishfabrik", and we always wanted to shoot him with a fish mask.

casual fishing

While we where searching for locations (and icecream) a guy walks up to us and asks us if we want to take pictures of him playing basketball,so we did, and I fell in love with the colors in that picture

Harlem Schanze

Check out his website    And also check out Fishfabrik

Nicolas Luce

Last week I took some portraits of Nicolas Luce, a upcoming Tech-House Dj/Producer and a very talented one I might add. It was a very cold day but I finally got to use my 135 2.0 again. Anyways, here are the results.

Nicolas Luce
Nicolas Luce

Check him out on Facebook

Weird Festival

This Weekend I had the chance to film at the infamous Weird Festival, first time using my 6D in actual "Work" Environment

(Picture by , check him out) 

The Weird festival is hands down the best Party that Hamburg has to offer, with huge acts like Fairmont and Format B as well as awesome locals like Miyagi or Highterkite.

Check out the results here, I am very happy with the 6D´s performance in low Light, its pretty much all ISO 12800, no noise reduction and a 135mm F/2 or the 35mm F/1.4  Lens.

 I Hope you like it and check out

The Gear

This is the first post on this site, so I decided to give you a quick overview on the Gear that I am using.

My Camera is my recently acquired Canon 6D, My old Workhorse the 5D II went to my Good friend Leo Witte, make sure you check out his pictures.  

The main lens I use is the Sigma 50mm f/1.4, I just love the Bokeh but it has some major Autofocus problems, just like any Sigma lens... I also have a 50 f/1.2 with an even more crazy bokeh. For portraits I either use the 85mm f/1.8 or the 135mm f/2.0, which is the sharpest lens I have ever seen! I also have a 35mm 1.4 that I use mainly for Video.

I edit most of my pictures using Lightroom and Photoshop and I use Premiere and AE for my Video work, its awesome that I can transfer my projects between my MacBook Air and my Windows Workhorse.

My tripod is a Manfrotto 0x550PROB with a ballhead and a Panosaurus head that I use for my Panorama work, as well as a Fluid Video Head for Video productions.

For my Audio I use a Zoom H4N, its awesome because it has Phantom power for condenser mics as well as great built in Mics. 

See you soon,

Finn Jäger